World Championships Rotterdam (NED)

18th place at the world champs!  Very pleased with this result!

For a long time, it seemed I wouldn’t be rid of my injury in time for the world champs. But luckily I just made it in time to still do some races before and to prove myself. I made it into the selection of Belgians to go to the world champs for which I’m very grateful.

After a solid race, I managed to secure a 18th place. The bike course was relentless with about 140 corners and accelerating over the 40km in the city centre of Rotterdam. This wrecked everyone’s legs, including mine 🙂 . Therefore my run didn’t go as planned, but I kept giving my all. As I was coming nearer to the end of the 10km, it kept on going better and better.

For many this was the last race of the season, but not for me tough! I will keep on going for a little while 😛 .
Next stop: World Cup Huelva in just 1 week time!