Belgian Duathlon Championships (Tournai)

Sunday 29th of april, I participated in the Belgian Duathlon championships. One week ago it was more than 25 degrees, now it was raining, soaking wet and merely 10 degrees.. nothing to do about that, just race!  The start was quite fast (as any run race or duathlon) but after 1k the

ETU Quarteira (POR) review

24th place in my second ETU of the season. Unfortunately not the great result I was hoping for, but not bad either. Especially the swim wasn't like anything I had experienced before, simply crazy. The athletes appeared to be little ducks been thrown round in a storm. During the bike leg I

ETU Las Palmas (ESP) review

2 weeks after the WTS race in Abu Dhabi, I participated in the European Cup of Las Palmas.  I had a very bad start, which predicted the outcome of the whole race.. I only finished 35th. Stomach issues, especially during the run, made me feel bad. The following days I became really

WTS Abu Dhabi (UAE) review

My first race of the season was the World Triathlon Series Race in Abu Dhabi. This also was my first time I entered at WTS level, the highest level in triathlon. After having had a good winter with some solid training and no injuries, I was coming in good shape and

WTS Abu Dhabi (UAE) selection

Good news! I got selected to participate in the first WTS race of the 2018 season. For me personally it'll be my first time on the highest level. Looking forward to it and will be there the 27th of februari until the day after the race. Keep an eye on my facebook page for