Racing in June

June was a busy month of racing. It started with the World Cup race in Cagliari (ITA), then the home World Cup race of Antwerp (BEL) and then the ETU cup of Wuustwezel (BEL). I’d love to be writing some stories of races which went well, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Ever since I got ankle problems after the national duathlon champs in the beginning of may, I have been struggling with my health. Nonetheless I started quite a few races hoping to earn some valuable points. But by doing these races I never let my body fully recover from the injuries I was dealing with. Lining up every time with a head full of doubts and physically not fit, turned out not to be the best idea. Each race was bad, which gave me a very hard time to cope with.

So the body was not fit and mentally I was getting  a bit depressed. All of this in combination with having to study for my exams at university only made things more complicated. I’m happy to say I passed all my exams.

Up untill now, the season isn’t going like anything I had in mind. 
Now no races for quite some time. Getting things sorted out mentally and getting healthy are my main priorities. A gradual build into some solid training and an extended injury-prevention program are what I need. 

Hungry for the 2nd half of the season. You’ll see me racing again somewhere in August.

Greetings Jonathan