New year with new aspirations!

2018 was a year with mixed feelings. Okay, it's normal to experience high's and low's. Training and racing don't always go as planned. But you have to deal with it, make the best of the situation and move on! That said, I had 2 major injuries in 2018 which pretty much

European Duathlon championships Ibiza (ESP)

As the last race of the season, I was going to compete in the european duathlon championships . The race took place on the lovely balearic island of Ibiza, very well known to party. But I wasn't going to party,  but to do a hard race! The race was a standard

Coupe de France Duathlon

One week before the european championship of duathlon, I participated in a team time trial race format in France. I joined this team, E.S.M.G.O. only this year, but we know we had a very strong team. This race was the national championship.  The race turned out in our favor as we

T3 Series Final Lille, Team Relay (BEL)

As I like doing team relay races, I had to race in Lille, which was the final race of the belgian national circuit.  In Belgium I normally represent the Sp&o Mechelen team, but as this race was called "the clash between Belgium and the Netherlands" 10 Dutch teams were also invited

Eredivision finale: team Relay Almere (NED)

Sunday 9th of septembre I participated in the final race of the national tri circuit of the Netherlands, for my team SQUADRA. This last race is traditionally a team relay. Short and fast action guaranteed!  Same as last year, SQUADRA was able to set up a strong team and the victory