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At the age of six I started swimming with the local club. A year later I entered my first swimming competitions. I soon realised this wasn’t really something for me and I introduced some weekly runs into my schedule. I truly enjoyed running and its greater variation.

Not much later when I was about thirteen I started participating in swim-run races and joined the local triathlon squad named ‘Sp&O’. The purchase of a entry-level race bike quickly followed in the next year. In 2010, inevitably, I completed my first triathlon.

From then on, I’ve been training for the triathlon, which I believe is one of the most complete sports in the world.

Short facts
Date of birth: 26th of october 1995
Height: 175cm / 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 61 kg / 9 stone, 8 lb, 7.5 oz

Favorite discipline: the run
Ambitions: Qualify for OS 2020

Squadra (
SP&O (


Matthias Verstraelen (Head coach)

Stijn Corten (Swim coach)

Koen Volkaerts (Fysio)